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Ever wanted to know what careers graduates end up in after university; the degree that is most prevalent in particular roles; or which universities provide the best route to certain industries? If you have, then these questions, and many others, can now be answered with GradsTracker.

GradsTracker is a newly launched database of 50,000 anonymous profiles of the most senior business people in 2,000 of the largest private, public and not-for-profit business organisations in the UK. These graduates’ achievements often go unlauded and unnoticed in favour of celebrities, politicians, scientists and journalists, yet they make up the fabric of society that keeps the wheels of industry turning.

Using a range of filters, the data can be interrogated in a wide variety of ways to give information on:

universities attended | degree subjects | year of graduation | gender | business sectors |location | job roles (10) | business sectors (25)

The data can be diced and spliced in different ways by educational institutions, students, graduates and the media for a range of purposes:

  1. To compare and contrast the numbers of people from particular universities who have reached senior roles in industry.
  2. To determine the popularity of different degree subjects.
  3. To analyse which degree subjects are associated with particular job roles.
  4. To conduct gender comparisons.
  5. To analyse which universities and or degree subjects are associated with particular business sectors.

The senior job titles researched are:

Chief Executive Officer | Owner/Founder | Finance Director | Chief Information Officer | Chief Technology Officer | HR Director | Operations Director | Procurement Director| Environment, Social and Governance Director| Sales Director| Marketing Director| Research/Technical Director

The data is gathered from hundreds of business directories, databases and media sources and is updated every three months.

To secure anonymity, we do not publish the names of the individuals or their employer.

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